My Other Blog’s About God and Stuff

When I’m not raising ducks, training goats, teaching kids, wrestling toddlers, practicing kung fu, running a business, or feeling too overwhelmed to do anything at all, I’m usually thinking and writing. Sometimes I get all philosophical and stuff and sometimes I actually write down some of the things I’m learning about God and the universe and everything.

When I do it goes here:

I write a lot about love, and hope, and pain, and waiting. About being present. About loving difficult people, and sitting with our pain, and how beautiful we all are even when we think we’re ugly. How help is on its way and how, if we want to, we can use our pain to become even more beautiful.

And I serve it up with a light dose of humor because whoever God is, I’m certain he has an outstanding sense of humor and loves it when we laugh.

If you’re interested in any of those things too, come on over to Contemplative Cat… the Cat’s meditations on the ineffable, effable, and effanineffable.

2 responses to “My Other Blog’s About God and Stuff

  1. Hello, just wondering did u write the article about keeping quail indoors(saw your comments asking for info.)?
    Could u email me it?
    Thanks for time,Paul.

    • Hi Paul!

      Thanks for asking.

      Are you looking for information on indoor quail, or just curious? Are you one of the folks that helped me with offers of info?

      I haven’t written the article because I haven’t found a magazine that wants it yet. 🙂 Publishing is a capricious world sometimes. I did send out a few query letters and had some interest, but no firm bites. If you know any print mag editors looking for that article, let me know! 🙂

      Have a great day!

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