About the Cat

Heather Head in Charlotte NC

Caught writing

I drove my mother and teachers crazy with questions when I was a little girl. I’m still curious. I like hunting down all there is to know about a thing, and I enjoy digesting it all and then reconstituting it for my readers.

Which, I guess, is kind of what my cat does when she brings home a partially eaten rodent and lovingly chucks it back up on the front stoop.

So this is my gift to you, the reader. A digest of homeschool musings, homesteading how-tos, and a solid dose of humor, upchucked semi-regularly onto your virtual doorstep. It means I love you. Enjoy.

This blog is maintained by Heather Head, who also does a lot of other things online and happens to live in Charlotte, NC with an ever-growing menagerie. If you’d like to see what else I’m up to (marketing! WWII! other stuff!), come on over to my central hub at heatherhead.com. Check out my Google profile here: Google

6 responses to “About the Cat

  1. Hi, Heather! You left such nice comments on my blog I decided to follow ya on over here and see who you are. And look how nice you turned out to be! I am from NC, too, originally — Greensboro, actually. I am looking forward to “getting to know you” — there really should be a new cyber word for that — on your blog.

    I read your post about Eli and school — boy, I second guess our choice all the time. But love is never second best, right? Way to go sticking to your guns. I hope that awful woman … Well, I should probably work on not hoping things like that.

    :). Catherine Morgan

  2. Aw, thanks for stopping by, Catherine! You write SO beautifully & I’m glad we “met.”

    I’m hoping the woman in question grows and learns, for her own sake, to be a better person. The same thing I hope for us all. I sometimes hope other less charitable things for people too, but I won’t print them because I’m also working on not hoping things like that. It’s part of my own growing and learning to be a better person. :p

    • This is so cool!! Sorry it took me so long to discover your comment–it got buried somehow. I don’t know how Glennon reads all however-many-hundred of her comments every day. I can barely keep up with two or three a month, apparently. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I will definitely nominate some bloggers and pay it forward. Just need a little time… fortunately, the kids have friends over today. They may be trashing the house, but at least they’re leaving me alone so I can blog.

  3. Hi Heather, I found your blog via the Free Range Unschoolers tribe you formed on Triberr… but it looks like you’ve left that platform? I blog at NothingbyTheBook.com and at UndogmaticUnschoolers.wordpress.com if you’re interested in connecting. Investigating the usefulness of Triberr as a sharing platform. If you have any feedback or insight into it, would love to hear it. Enjoying my stroll through your blog. xoxo Jane

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