Speaking of Hiding Things…

Speaking of hiding things

Broody Mama

This girl is. Seven somethings, as a matter of fact. She wasn’t happy about sharing her secrets either. But here we are:


Closer in:

Up close

Thought you’d want to know.

I’ve got three broodies at present, but only one with viable eggs (the seven that are hatched/hatching today). My plan is to take two babies from this mama and give one each to the other two, in hopes they’ll come off the nest.

Most people would just try to break them of their broodiness so they’d go back to laying eggs, but I’m kinda a softy. The big mama won’t miss the babies (chickens can’t count, trust me, they can’t find a hole in a fence six inches away if there is something they want in the other direction), and the other two mamas will be so proud that they finally hatched something. I won’t tell them the secret if you won’t.

Currently, there are four babies out, and three still working. One is pipped in the wrong end–I’ve never had that happen before. They’re supposed to pip in the large end, where the air cell is, and it’s quite dangerous for them to pip in the short end. This one is breathing and chirping, and doing just fine, but will probably have to be helped out. We’ll know tomorrow, and keep you updated. Maybe.

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