Silkie Chicks at 10 Days Old

Here is how chicken babies are like human babies:

  • They never let Mama rest
  • Or have time to herself
  • They sleep a lot
  • They eat constantly
  • They grow fast

Here is how chicken babies are not like human babies:

  • They’re born walking
  • And grow faster than humanly possible
  • They eat solid food within 24 hours of birth
  • And are fully grown at 5 months of age

Basically, they’re like human babies on fast forward. Also, they have feathers.

Exhibit A:

Here is a silkie chick at 24 hours of age. (That is a link to last week’s blog post. In case you’ve read it already. I just saved you a click.)

Here is the same silkie chick (and her siblings) at 10 days old:

Oh yeah, there’s some educational and learning stuff in that video about baby chickens and stuff too. And about using a hamster waterer. If you watched the video already, you know that, but the search engine bots didn’t until I told them. It’s very important that the search engine bots know about the educational and learning value of that video about silkie chickens, silkie chicks, silkies, chickens, baby chickens, drinking, and educational.

One response to “Silkie Chicks at 10 Days Old

  1. In defense of homo sapiens, a chicken is a lot less complex of an animal, so there’s not as much time needed on all levels. In fact human embryos resemble chicken embryos for a bit in gestation… it’s as if the chicken stops evolving at some point and just ejects and becomes a chicken. Whereas our genes continue evolving along their path… or something. I read this in a book once, the idea that we retrace some of our evolutionary path in gestation, and it was interesting. (Since I sure as heck wasn’t taught this in school.)

    Cute chicks!

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