My Corner

corner pic

My corner

This is my new favorite corner in the house. Books on one side. Chicks on the other (yup, that’s a brooder–just add baby birds). Lake at my back. Dog at my feet. Life is good. Happy New Year.

P.S. A how-to on the awesome chest-of-drawer-brooder is coming soon. Eventually. It took a long time to make, and I made lots of mistakes that will add spice and humor to the blog post, so odds are it’ll take a while to write up. Especially since I’ll be spending a lot of time in my corner instead of at my computer. Sorry.

P.P.S. Whatever 2013 throws at us, let us live fiercely. Love!

One response to “My Corner

  1. Reading this post reminded me of this horrible musical I was given to watch as a child, which my sister loved way more than I did and watched repeatedly, and I HATED this song. And because this is the interent, here it is. I’m not saying to watch it. I can’t even watch it. (It makes me cringe SO BAD.) It’s just for reference. It’s called “In my own little corner” and anytime someone says “my own little corner” or some variant of that, this whiny voice starts up in my head.

    You have a lovely, um, little corner.

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