I was Going to Write in my Blog Tonight

What can I say. I’m a sucker for this face.


He saw me opening my blog to write. He’s not writing yet. Dyslexia. Bleh. He wants to, though. He tries. He’s making improvement. Remember the Jesus post? He’s come a little farther since then. But it’s slow. Slow slow slow. And he asked me to help him write in his blog tonight.


Eli’s Mythical World

So that happened.

Then he wanted me to rearrange everything and update the theme and re-do his About Page, and add a My Garden Page.

And now it’s almost 10pm. You’re not getting a new post here tonight. But that’s okay. The time you’ve saved not reading one of my long-winded spiels, you can spend dreaming up your own mythical creature to add to Eli’s post. Go there. Now.

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