Update: Goats in New Home

Quincy and Avery went to their new home yesterday. I wanted to take pictures and make a big deal out of this post, but I was already struggling with the prelude to a fever that would send me to bed for almost 24 hours straight. Pictures were just a bit much to ask.

So you’ll have to rely on words to make the pictures for you. It won’t even be very many words because (see above) I’m a wimp and require more than 24 hours to get over a 24-hour fever. Sorry.

Here are your word-pictures:

  • 14 Acres
  • Overgrown with brush, grass, trees, brambles, and TURNIPS
  • Filled with interesting features like piles of fun-to-climb-on timbers, and giant concrete pipes
  • 2 tough little girls who aren’t afraid to tell a goat to stop head-butting–nor too delicate to mind getting knocked over occasionally
  • A snug wood-framed metal shed
  • 2 adult owners determined to give them a good life with experience in horses, chickens, animal rescue, and building fences
  • In short, goat HEAVEN

So that’s it. All the words you’re getting.

Oh, wait. Here:

New Home for Goats

Thanks to their new owner, we do have pics. Introducing Quincy & Avery’s new home. Credit: Brittni Beesley. Thanks, Brittni!

(We’ll just count that as a thousand words and call it a day. Going back to bed now…)

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