The Faerie Palace

This post has been sitting in my unpublished drafts for over a month because I just don’t have words for it. Maybe the point is there are no words that can adequately convey… this. For once, a mostly-wordless post. Just look. (Photo editing on the first image is courtesy Carrie Prewitt of Carrie Prewitt Photography–she is a genius.)

Faerie Childe

Myth and Magic




Into the Sky

All the way up.

5 responses to “The Faerie Palace

  1. Thanks, Jaime! Carrie just really knows how to manipulate the light and give it that polished and ethereal look I love. The area where we took these is about ten minutes’ walk from our house, and it’s this giant fallen tree… it’s such a magical place, like the set from LOTR or something. We’re so lucky to live where we do.

    • Living there would make me want to write high fantasy! It’s good I don’t live there. I need to stick with my urban fantasy. 😛

    • Hi Abi! I love the faerie palace. We can’t reach it in summer because the kudzu forest between our house and the palace becomes too overgrown. I think the faeries must go south in winter, and then in summer they make their fortress impermeable so we’ll leave them alone. 🙂

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