Adele meets the Beetles (Dung Beetles, that is)

Now coming to a Youtube channel near you: The greatest romance of all time. Nothing says love like……

“Rolling in the du-uh-uhng. Yeah you roll it, yeah you roll it, yeah you roll that dung together.” Somebody should be paying me for this.

Meanwhile. Here’s Everett (age 4) reporting on dung beetles:

Transcript (for those who don’t speak 4-year-old): They get a poop and roll it up so that it makes food for their babies. And they make holes, for their babies to survive in. And then, they’re scared to be poked and really close because they think we are giants of them. Because them think our hands are our beetle wings, and they think that we are trying to hurt them. And we’re not actually. Done.

As usual, it was naturalist Eli who discovered the beetles and alerted the rest of us (very loudly, as you probably noticed in the first video). Here, he and Monty discuss some little known facts about dung beetles. And also some completely made up facts.

Transcript (for those who don’t speak dreamy-and-distracted 8-year-old):

Monty: A bunch of stuff that’s clear and also kind of goofy even though it’s (apparently) true. I get to talk about dinosaurs and elephants and their poop. Awesomest video ever. Now it’s your turn, Eli. Eli? Eli! YOUR TURN!

Eli: I’m distracted. And dreamy. And OH HI.

Airplane: I’m going to interrupt you now. ROAAAAAAARRRRRR! K. Nothing to see here. Go back to what you were doing.

Eli: I know a little about dung beetles and a lot about nature and have a very active imagination that is currently employed thinking about how dung beetles procreate. And here is my completely made up but probably true anyway theory. Also, my mom is going to zoom in on my face right in the very moment before I say “sperm,” and then regret that she zoomed in at that exact moment. And now it looks like she’s trying to emphasize my use of a totally ordinary word that nevertheless makes adults blush when you say it, even if you’re just talking about bugs. Then she’s going to write about it, because apparently adults get fixated on the strangest things. And also she feels self-conscious about it. Grown-ups are weird.

Me: Not as weird as dung beetles. Dung beetles are weird. And also entertaining. Who needs Adele when you’ve got The Beetles.


10 responses to “Adele meets the Beetles (Dung Beetles, that is)

  1. We cracked up– educational and adorable. Love each and every one.
    Forgot to tell you 4 y. o. Everett’s quote, riding to our place and observing the roadside landscape: “That house has no trees whatsoever!” Interesting choice of words, for that age… shows his environment and its effect.

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