The Four Thrones of Castle Whitespire

K. This has nothing to do with anything I normally write about except that it’s yet another demonstration of the awesomeness of letting kids do what they love. So first a little background. Go here:

That’s Lev Grossman. He wrote some pretty good books that happened to also hit the bestseller lists and stuff, and he seems like a pretty nice guy even though he does stomp all over his characters and do horribly cruel things to them. And now he’s running a contest for the best cover version of the new theme song for his books. I desperately want one of the signed copies of the book that comes to the winner. So of course I pawned the job off on my kids. Here is what they are doing:

My little coders. They say if they win, they’ll split the $250 between them and let me have one of the two signed copies of the book. They are excellent coders and generous too.

I’ll post again when the video is complete.

2 responses to “The Four Thrones of Castle Whitespire

  1. This. THIS. I love this.

    “As I guess I’m going to say it’s most likely a pretty good book.”

    Cover blurb. Right now. Take the old one off, whatever it is. I can’t even remember, it has to be crap.

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