The Magic Chick

Moxie on Duty

Aight, y’all. I’m so tickled and happy I’m not even going to try being funny today. Because guess what? My little silkie ball of adorableness (aka Moxie the silkie hen, pictured above) did this today:

Baby #1

But before we get started, there’s a mystery for you to solve. Tell me something: What does 6 minus 4 equal? If you answered “2” please hang on to that thought. If you did not answer “2” please go back and study your 1st grade math books. The correct answer to this question will be a critical hint for you.

Geez. There I go trying to be funny again. I can’t seem to stop myself, even when I’m happy.

Okay. Back to the beginning. Three weeks ago, little Moxie decided she was done with the world and that it was time to sit on some eggs. Which is a far better solution for egg hatching, it turns out, than putting them in a bucket full of leaves.

Back to Moxie. She had four under her and I added two that she had laid the previous couple days (because of course we don’t *eat* eggs when they’re that cute). 4+2=6.

About once a week, I’ve been pulling those eggs out and candling to check on them. Most of them got started developing but gave up after a while and, as of yesterday, I had thrown away four, leaving only (6-4=2) two under Moxie. CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT POINT: She had two viable eggs under her. Remember that number.

Nevertheless, I was delighted when I reached under her today to pull out this instead of an egg:

Blue silkie chick

Cute chick!

After several minutes of celebration and of course passing the sweet ball of fluff around the family a couple times, I reached under and pulled out this:

Sweet chick!

BOTH of them hatched! Hurrah! You can see that this one is slightly younger than the other–its down is still matted from hatching. Don’t knock it. You wouldn’t look so hot yourself if you’d just spent the past several hours trying to break out of prison using nothing but your nose.

Of course, I had NOT just spent the past several hours breaking out of prison, so I was in fine form to run back to the house and do the only natural thing: Post the news to all my networks. Then I realized suddenly my woeful lack of photographs–will anyone even READ my updates if there are no pics?? Ran back outside. Rummaged around under Moxie and decided to help her out a bit by removing the old egg debris:

Hm. What's wrong with this picture?

Something didn’t look quite right. Hm. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? Remember the hint: 6-4=2. Need more help? Try this one:


Do you see it? Hint: Have you ever watched a bird hatch, or closely examined the egg debris that fell out of a robin’s nest? Noticed how the baby breaks the egg into one large piece and one smaller piece? Sooo… if you have six pieces… then you have the remains of (6 divided by 2 equals…) 3 eggs. 6-4=what again? So.

Quite befuddled. I’m quite sure she started with only six eggs, and I’m quite sure I threw away four of them. Shaking my head in bewilderment, I reached under again and pulled out this:

The magical third

Yes. My silkie is magic. It is the only logical explanation. Or it could be Poultry Math, which is really just another form of magic. Either way, she has THREE babies under her. Magic is for real, y’all.

6 responses to “The Magic Chick

  1. This whole math thing is kind of confusing me but I think what you’re saying is, “I don’t know where that 3rd egg came from because I never saw it.” Interesting… I guess she had it extra egg hidden under the hay. And the magic chick is also the one that doesn’t match the others. Hm.

  2. Hm. Guess I wasn’t as clear as I thought. You got it though–yeah, she most definitely had no more than six eggs under her to start with, so after removing four and handling the other two frequently, I was quite confident she had only two remaining. The third one was a beautiful surprise. Now… to edit this in an attempt to make it clearer and easier to read. 🙂

  3. I so want some chickens. I love them. And as for the number three – as you can imagine I am greatly partial to it being that my own last name is Triplett and which is why I always make sure my phone numbers, etc always have “3’s” in them. It’s not only a magical number but I think a pretty number graphically.

  4. YES I so agree about #3. Also, as a fan of Ender’s Game, the name “Third” has special meaning to me as well. The Third is always special. I loved that moment when, baffled by the number of egg shells, I pulled a chick out and it was so very obviously NOT one of the two I had already seen. Like magic. The darker two will grow up to be a dark slate grey (called “blue”) and the light one (the Third) will grow up to be a gorgeous silver with grey splashes like her (hopefully *her*) mama. Oo… need a really cool name for her, something about magic and/or the #3. Hmmm.

    • Thank you! These babies are so adorable! When this sudden late cold snap ends so the mama can bring those babies out, I’ll get pics of them running around the yard. ❤

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