Where Have You Been??!!?

Gratuitous chicken picture

Gratuitous chicken photo

No, seriously. Where have you been? My site stats are woefully low and the only thing I can think is that you’ve lost interest in me and have abandoned me for some lesser blog like The Bloggess or Momastery for goodness sake. Sniff.

Wait. What’s that you say? Oh. Oh, I see. You think if I maybe posted to my blog occasionally you’d be more likely to head over here and boost my stats a bit. You think I owe you something in exchange for your time. You think reading exactly the same entries over and over again is simply not reason enough to keep you coming back.

I kind of see your point.

Okay then. Fine. But not yet. This isn’t a real post. This is just a quick recap to get you caught up before I launch into being really regular and systematic in publishing here. Which is going to happen really, really soon. Because guess what? I made an editorial calendar. Which of course is going to solve all my problems. Yay. First post, according to this fabulous calendar, is scheduled for April 10 and it’s all about selecting eggs for hatching. Stay tuned.

Meantime, quick recap.

Charming as usual

Charming as usual

Everett’s been naughty as usual and also ridiculously charming. Recent conversation:

Carey (singing): Do you wanna go down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty?

Everett (age 4): Doo. The grass here is green. And Mommy’s here and she’s a girl and (meeting my eyes with a dimpled smile) SHE is pretty.

The kid has a point.

Eli received a workshop for his birthday

He asked for a woodworking shop for his birthday.

Eli is slow and dreamy and engaged in all kinds of weirdness per usual. He’s planted all kinds of things in his garden and there will be pictures at some point. Also he loves to say odd and endearing things like, “Mommy, don’t pin all your hopes on that $5. I may not buy your ladder after all.”

Monty loves to carry chickens

Monty loves all things cute.

Monty is training for his black sash in kung fu and spending lots of time complaining about being bored when he should be practicing. He also enjoys carrying chickens around and doing kind things for his brothers. And also tormenting them.

The ducks are laying and so is the silkie hen. The rooster attacks everyone who walks into the yard and so does the goose. The quail are quail. The goats are probably going to a new home but more on that later.

We’ve been in a kung fu tournament, run mud races, started two businesses, installed a new septic line, planted strawberries and fruit trees and herbs, cleaned out the basement (a bit), prepped for an upcoming grandparent visit, been to winter camps, made new friends, played with old friends, and much much more.

But that’s all you get for now. See ya April 10. Chow for now.

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