The Update for People Who are Not Naked or Are Naked

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I am not dead. Just away for a while.

My business, Groove On Marketing, has taken off like a rocket and I spend my days mostly managing my growing team, interfacing with clients, and pushing deliverables out the door. I hardly see my own husband any more, even though we work out of the same office.

Nevertheless, I feel like I should really say something extremely funny here to make up for my long absence… but all I can say is that I sometimes say mildly amusing things on my Facebook page and if you really want to hear from me more often, you should look me up there. I’ll be friends with pretty much anyone who isn’t naked in their profile picture, so you needn’t fear rejection when you send me that request. Unless you’re naked. In which case I will laugh, point, and reject you. So you may as well put a robe on or something.

Unless you’re naked in a really amusing and outrageous manner that makes me laugh, in which case drop the robe and keep on being funny.

Or a really amazing and beautifully artistic way, in which case keep on being beautiful (and I don’t mean barbie doll beautiful, I mean interesting and artistic beautiful, and you can be beautiful no matter your color, gender, size, disability status, or anything else because beauty isn’t about perfection or some sort of culturally sanctioned ideal) and naked.

I am not opposed to nakedness.

I am, however, opposed to spam, obnoxiousness, and people being really stupid in public (like on Facebook, for instance). So if you’re planning to do any of those things, be prepared to be rejected.

And this is the point at which I realize suddenly that it is close to ten o’clock and I still have hours more work to do before I can go to bed and so I decide to close this and publish it even though it’s kind of random and pointless. Oh, wait, something cool and beautiful about homeschooling:

There. Read that so you won’t feel like I’ve wasted your time. It’s magic.

3 responses to “The Update for People Who are Not Naked or Are Naked

  1. Aw, thanks guys. Abi, I’m glad we’re friends IRL and here and on Facebook too. Jaimie, I’m sure we *would* be friends in IRL if we had the opportunity… but I’m grateful we at least get to know each other through our blogs. Thank you.

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