25 Random Things about Me (Part 5 of 5)

Last one! If you missed the first four and have time to waste, they are here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Off we go:

21. It makes me smile to look at my pink-painted toe nails while I play in the dirt with my animals.

22. One of my favorite ways to love the people in my life even more is to use the flop-flip exercise. Based on the concept that every negative trait is simply the “flop” of a wonderful positive trait, you’re supposed to write a list of everything that drives you crazy about someone. Then you’re supposed to list the positive trait that accompanies each of those–the “flip” for the “flop.” For example, “unorganized” might also be “free-spirited” and “control freak” is probably also “hard working.” Some of my flops include scatter-brainedness, distractibility, difficulty focusing on conversation, moodiness and short-temperedness. Luckily, Carey knows and loves the flips for each of them.

23. I love my camera ALMOST as much as I love writing. I’m not much of a photographer, but I love the way it allows me to change my focus and notice things I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. And I love looking back at the visual record of my kids and my life.

24. The great terror of my childhood was that Jesus would come back to collect the saved and I would be left behind. I knew my parents were saved, so sometimes when they were out of earshot or sight I would panic and become convinced that they had gone to heaven without me. I was not comforted by my brother’s presence. I was quite certain that if I was left behind, he would be too.

25. This one should be a really good wrap-up, because despite my slovenly ways around the house I’m actually a control freak and I like nice, neat, tidy endings. But I’m learning to let go and loosen up a bit, so I’m going to leave this one hanging. The end.

25.5 Okay. That’s not the end. Because Abi specifically requested a mention of the fact that I study kung fu, and I completely forgot. So here it is: I study kung fu. So do two of my sons and Carey. I love staff form best because I feel freakin’ cool when I do it. Abi, you’re welcome. The end.

6 responses to “25 Random Things about Me (Part 5 of 5)

  1. My fear of being ‘left behind’ came from the movie Flight of the Navigator. I still have FotN moments sometimes, for example, when I am exploring an unknown landscape and come upon a scene that seems foreign or abandoned. Anyway, I am glad we’re still here, learning to love people and to grow. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jaime, I totally had to look up preterist. Thank goodness for Google–what did we ever do before the Internet? I once heard someone expound on the idea that the Rapture had occurred and the 2000 years since have been an elaborate illusion created by Satan (that we’re still actually living in the 1st century AD). Weird. But appealing in a way. I see that what preterists believe is similar in concept, without the whole massive long-term deception component–rather, that the “Rapture” occurred but it wasn’t what most 21st century evangelicals believe it will be. (Am I understanding, more-or-less, the outline of your belief? Please expand!) That actually makes a lot of sense, and thank you for introducing me to a brand new (to me) angle!

    I still don’t have any answers. Except that whatever happens, we are held in God’s hands. If we want to be. Whatever happens, it’s okay. Rapture, no rapture, taken to heaven, left behind, preterist supercessionist or dispensationalist, it doesn’t really matter. Life is. And if we look for it, grace will come to us.

    That is what I want my children to understand.

    • There are so many different kinds of preterists it feels as diverse as Christianity itself. I think the main idea of preterism is “screw Revelation.” And by that I mean most of Revelation has already happened, just not the 2nd coming of Christ. But all that Beast, destroying of the temple stuff, yeah, 70 AD and Nero. Etcetera. We don’t believe in Left Behind.

      That sounds like the important thing to teach your kids. “And if we look for it, grace will come to us.”

      For me, the big thing was choosing to believe that life isn’t some test that ends when I die.

      • There are probably as many types of anything as there are people who are that thing. I’m always amazed at how afraid people sometimes are to disagree with heterodoxy, and yet when you get on a personal level you find out that even the leaders in an organization often believe very differently from the mainstream. Anyway. I like the sound of preterism. I kind of think it’s funny, now, how afraid people get about apocalyptic ideas. Because the apocalypse happens over and over in history, and it never means quite what people think it’s going to mean (though it is sometimes quite awful). In fact, I think we’re experiencing an apocalypse now–in the sense of a world-changing set of events, in the form of the cataclysmic change in technology that has occurred in this single generation. For people born before the 70s, and especially those born earlier than that, everything is different–nothing that used to work (in business, life, etc.) works any more. It’s a whole new world. And we may be headed for an economic apocalypse fairly soon too, which may be ugly. But the technology may save us. Who knows. All I know is, I’m not afraid any more. Whatever happens. Grace will come. 😀 (P.S. I wrote more about Grace here: http://contemplativecat.me/grace-everything-is-okay-2/)

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