25 Random Things about Me (Part 4 of 5)

More than halfway there! And this is why I didn’t make you read all five sections at once. However, if you’re new here and want to torture yourself, go right ahead and read the whole collection. Start here. Then here. Then here. Then come back. Here we go:

16. I love the scents of lavender and rose. That’s because I’m an “air type,” according to the Aveda Institute, where a friend is training in aesthetology (which I’m probably misspelling). I was flat on my back on her massage table when a rare East-coast earthquake struck. I asked if there was a washing machine or something making the table shake.

17. Most people think I’m an extrovert because I love people so much and because I’m charming and bold and good at conversation. But the truth is that when I need a re-charge I really want to be alone with my thoughts. According to my mom, who is a counselor, that means I’m actually an introvert.

18. Speaking of personality traits, I don’t really like to lead things. I’d much rather support someone else, provided that someone else is doing a good job. Addendum: Since writing this entry, I’ve come to realize that it’s only a part of me that prefers to play a supporting role. In fact, as I’ve been told, we humans are freedom-seeking creatures. I am learning to be who I am meant to be and to take leadership for myself so I don’t have to depend on someone else “doing a good job.” Life is strange and ever-changing.

19. I write regularly for the Charlotte business community to help pay our bills. I create web content, press releases, and other such things. I also contribute regularly to a local business magazine.

20. I love the smell of honest sweat. I think it’s really sexy.

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