25 Random Things about Me (Part 2 of 5)

Here are the next five random things about me. If you want to read the first five, go here first.

6. I adore cats. I suppose that’s obvious from my name. But I don’t want a whole house of them. Just one at a time is perfect. My current cat is an ordinary black domestic shorthair of undetermined years we picked up as a flea-bitten, half-starved, ear-mite-infested stray missing nearly all her teeth. She’s also the best cat I’ve ever known. She follows me everywhere–around the house, around the yard, she is always within sight. She purrs louder than she meows. She likes to greet any one who walks onto our property. She’s sweet with the kids, but she’ll give them a little warning swipe if they are hurting her. Or annoying her. Same thing. Her name is Inara.

7. I also adore my husband. We met in Shakespeare class and the moment I heard him talk about symbolism in Comedy of Errors, I knew he was the One. Our relationship might have moved forward a lot more quickly if his then-girlfriend hadn’t pointed out to me that they were engaged (they weren’t). We’ve had some rough times, but I wouldn’t trade a moment of our journey. He’s the most fun and interesting person, as well as the most honest and straightforward, I’ve ever known. He’s smart and kind, too. He’s the sort who might sit quietly most of the time, but when he speaks, if you pay attention, it will be something well worth hearing. I have possession of the most precious gem in the world–his love and affection and respect. I wouldn’t trade that for anything on earth.

8. I went to three different high schools and loved drama and music, but never got to play a leading role in anything because I was always the unproven new girl. Moving around also messed with my GPA and class rankings. However, it also resulted in not having to take a state history class. Which, in retrospect, was probably not a good thing but it made me happy at the time.

9. I’ve been in Weight Watchers since my youngest was about ten months old. I lost more than 40 pounds. Then I quit & put about 10 of them back on. Then I went back and it’s taken me months and months to get back to my goal weight. I LOVE Weight Watchers–it gave me my body back.

10. I dye my hair. Obviously. I always wanted to be a redhead because my grandmother was and I love my grandmother a lot. And because red hair is hot. I pretend not to care very much about my appearance–I cut my nails short, wear no make-up, and spend as little time in the bathroom as I can get away with. But I think secretly I’m a little vain. I wish I weren’t.

12 responses to “25 Random Things about Me (Part 2 of 5)

  1. Dangit, could you delete that last comment? Here it is, from my actual name:

    Ah, Inara. (Due to the nature of the internet, I feel I should tell you I would have recognized the reference even without Google.)

    I did theatre in college. I was mostly a techie — hanging lights and running the lighting cues, but I did play Ms. Casewell in The Mousetrap one year. I went to a school called Cedarville University. You might have heard of it — you might have not. It was and is a tiny school in nowhere Ohio.

    • Hee hee. Done on the other… although of course now I want to check out that link too… 🙂 Thanks for the comment and I have to ask… your Inara knowledge… are you thinking Firefly or Hittite mythology? Either one works. Inara rocks. The cat, that is. And the character. And the goddess. And Firefly, which somehow did not make my list of 25 random things but is my favorite TV show ever AND I don’t even like TV.

    • Oh I was thinking Firefly. It makes sense that Inara predates Firefly though. I love Firefly as well. (Doesn’t everyone who watches it?)

      You can check out that link all you want. It’s just my seeeeecret blog. But I have no aversion to you reading it. It’s mostly a secret from people I actually know, as private journals are. (Not that I don’t know you… but you know.)

      • Which makes one wonder… why was it canceled after only one season? It’s like the gods who decide on TV shows are horrified when something is actually both really good AND popular.

        And I know what you mean. I’m kind of an open book now, but for a long time my other blog (contemplative cat) was rather seeeeeeecret too. 🙂

      • And I explained that completely wrong, not that it matters much, but I meant to say that the essays on my other blog were secret. They were actually located here. But I didn’t tell anyone about this blog for a long, long time. Not anyone in my private life, anyway. I only recently opened up Contemplative Cat, and I did so with considerable fanfare and arrows and links to it, so I can’t actually say it’s ever been secret at all. And this one is certainly not secret at all any longer, and none of the stuff that is currently core to Curiosity Cat ever really was. And that was way more explanation than you needed, but I can’t let things go when I realize I’ve been inaccurate or unclear. And now I’m finally going to shut up.

      • No, Firefly wasn’t popular at all during its run. It became popular after. Obviously, some people watched it, but the ratings were quite low.

      • Well darn. That completely ruins my conspiracy politics theory then. Blah. “Ratings” may be a more logical explanation, but it’s far less interesting. :p

  2. Love this! I hope to one day spend more time with Inara, Cary, and your wonderful children; but in the meantime, I enjoy getting to know them better here. Lead roles are frequently overrated; I enjoy the times I have gotten to give an exceptional performance in a minor role. I have always loved that you are in weight watchers and dye your hair. You are beautiful!

  3. I had a lot of success with Weight Watchers as well (I lost 20 pounds total), but now I’m stuck in the “Then I quit & put about 10 of them back on” stage that you described above.

    • I totally feel you!! It took me months to decide to go back, and I’m still not QUITE back to goal (and that half bag of pretzels I ate today sure isn’t helping matters…), but the trick truly is persistence… just go and go and go. And thank you for stopping by! I’m going to check out your blog now… 🙂

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