Announcing: Contemplative Cat!

Hurray! Finally, weeks of every-spare-moment activity is at fruition. Announcing my second blog:

Contemplative Cat (Meditations on the ineffable, effable, and effanineffable)

Contemplative Cat is the place for readers who enjoy entries like Beautiful Life and Walking in the Rain, who wonder about the deeper things in life like Who is God and What is the Meaning of Life and Am I Really Worth It (spoiler alert: Yes, you are). It’s where personal essays about my own spiritual journey will go, and I hope it will become a place where those who want to, can come and share their spiritual journeys too.

For a while, I’ll make announcements here when I post over there, and I expect the two blogs to always be connected (note the new “Read My Other Blog” link at the top of the page!), but now you can choose to subscribe only to the type of posts you’re interested in–homesteading, homeschooling, good fun, and laughter here, or contemplation, meditation, love, and laughter there.

Plus, each blog is getting its own weekly feature in addition to regular content. Curiosity Cat’s feature is still in the works, so stay tuned. Contemplative Cat’s weekly feature starts TODAY with Sunday Celebrations. The first Sunday Celebration will publish at 3 pm this afternoon.

Hee hee! Come see what the cat dragged in today. I love you!

4 responses to “Announcing: Contemplative Cat!

    • Thanks, Angela! Yay! You may call your new category anything you like… use my name (Heather Head) or “The Cat” or “Crazy Girl Who Does Too Much” or whatever. If you’re reading, I’m HAPPY. 😀

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