Something New is Happening

I am working on something for you and I’m going to unveil it soon. I hope you’ll like it. I’ve decided it’s time to end the split personality on this blog. It’s time to give my two main groups of readers each your own place.

For all my good buds who come here for hands-on family suburban homestead stuff, you’re going to start seeing more frequent content posted, along with some new features and hopefully plenty of stories, how-tos, photos, and homeschooly homesteady fun.

For my dear friends who are here for my contemplative essays, all my stories and meditations on God, the Universe, and Everything, you are getting your very own blog! It has a new clean layout, a light dose of good humor and a heavy dose of love. You’re also going to get some new features (like Sunday Celebrations–I can’t wait to tell you about them!!).

I’ll be announcing the new location for God, the Universe, and Everything contemplations soon. But I wanted you to know it is coming. For a while, I’ll also post here when I have a new essay up, because I’d hate for anyone to get left behind here. I love you all too much for that. But for the most part, this is going to free all of you to only read the content you especially love, and for subscribers to receive only the updates they want. And it will free me up to post MORE about homesteading adventures and MORE about God and all that.

I’m very excited, and I hope you will be too. Look for the new site announcement soon!

4 responses to “Something New is Happening

    • Yay! And guess what? The unveiling is TOMORROW. I just finished scheduling everything so it will all show up at the right times (unless I screwed something up, always a distinct possibility), and with any luck… 10 am tomorrow morning you will see some new stuff here and a link to THERE. First Sunday Celebration happens tomorrow too, in the afternoon… eeeeee!!!!! 😀

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