Proof is in the Pumpkin

I know you’ve been wondering, ever since reading my post about it, whether duck poop can be converted into anything other than salad. So I checked with the local vegetation and the answer from the tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, basil, cantaloupe, and one big bully of a pumpkin plant, is “yes.”

The Bully (and associates)

Yes, those are the same two beds shown in the earlier post and planted with lettuce this past winter. The pumpkin plant grows at about the rate of a foot a day, grasping everything with its tentacles, entangling intruders with its twining appendages, and wielding painful micro-weapons by the million on every surface. The only way to prevent it smothering the neighbors is to battle it with armor (thick leather gloves) and weaponry (sharp pruning shears) on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the fence had no adequate weapons to protect itself, and parts of it have given up completely. Fortunately, the creatures the fence was designed to keep out (ducks, goats, deer) also have no adequate weapons to protect themselves, and as a result stay well clear of it.

For a little extra perspective on the size of the bad boy:

One of hundreds of fuel generators used by the monster

The seeds for this guy came from a generous friend on the Organic Gardening forums and I suspect it’s a variety developed to grow giant pumpkins (record-keeping’s really not my specialty…), but it’s not the only thing that loves duck poop compost.

Happy Loofa

This happy loofa gourd took a long time getting started, but now it’s taking over the garage. While not quite as intimidating as the pumpkin, I still would rather not face it in mortal combat so I try to stay on its good side. Unfortunately, it’s decided it wants to move in with the Cooper:

Knock knock

Please don’t answer the door. I really don’t want an argument over whose turn it is to drive the car.

4 responses to “Proof is in the Pumpkin

  1. Eli says: “Thank you!” Monty (Eli’s big brother) says, “It’s really funny what my mom posted about them, like about knocking on the door, and also about the big bully.” Adds Eli: “It took a long time to build my garden.” I say, “It’s people like you and the other fine folks at OG who make this world a beautiful place to raise a family. Thank you.”

  2. Eli and family…beautiful garden! Isn’t it amazing to watch things grow. I LOVE Eli’s comment about losing your imagination. When you garden, Eli, you can imagining anything…and it will come true! Thanks for sharing!

    • Aw, thank you! Eli says “thanks” too. 🙂 He is a young man of few words and many deeds. You are so right–a garden is imagination’s playground!

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