Biological Control for Poison Ivy

I hate poison ivy. It’s possible that you quite like it. If you do, you are probably a goat. I like goats. Behold:

2 responses to “Biological Control for Poison Ivy

  1. Nice to see your blog posts back.
    Was that a Nubian and an Alpine? I wish more people knew how well they clear underbrush from a piece of earth.
    I’ve been too busy planting to pay much attention to the OG boards or the blog, but on 4/19 I got 116 visitors. From nowhere!
    Keep the faith,

  2. Hi Peter! And it’s lovely to hear from you. The boys are both Nigerian dwarfs, twin brothers believe it or not. They had a sister born at the same time (who was brown and white), but she was already spoken for when I bought them.

    I’ve been extremely impressed at how well the boys clear everything–brambles, bushes, poison ivy, honeysuckle, English ivy, everything. My only complaint is that they do it so fast I have to move that darn pen every three days to keep up with them. I need more netting to make a larger enclosure.

    They’re also very sweet pets, and follow us around like puppy dogs. We literally take them for walks around the neighborhood (sprinting past yards with pretty landscaping to avoid annoying the neighbors with our snacking preferences). Beyond basic manners, I’ve never trained them to do anything, but they’re quite capable of learning.

    Anyway, thanks for checking in on me. I hope I’ll be more active here soon. Peace and love!

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