City Kids Can Raise Farm-Fresh Eggs Too

If you’ve ever wanted to raise your own eggs but think you don’t have the space, the time, or the right environment, think again! Coturnix quail are a small, productive bird that thrives in close confinement. They are so easy to care for even a small child can manage it, and their needs are so simple they can be raised on a patio or even in the living room.

Three hens will produce the equivalent of a chicken egg (in three adorable, sweetly delicious packages) every day for three seasons out of the year, and require only a minimum of three square feet to thrive (but up to six is better). They are calm (when handled often as chicks), cute, and make a fun conversation starter.

Seven-year-old Eli has kept his own small flock in a rabbit hutch in our backyard for about a year now. In this short video, he shows off one of his hens, explains the basics of identifying gender, and describes essential equipment and care necessary to successfully raise these poultry gems.

4 responses to “City Kids Can Raise Farm-Fresh Eggs Too

  1. I love the part where he says that if you put your hand over their head, they’ll calm down and it doesn’t and he says, “Or not.” Too cute. And now I want quail to go along with my chickens and ducks!

    • Me too! I thought about re-recording the video some time when there aren’t so many planes overhead, but decided that one moment was worth the extra noise. Thanks so much for the feedback–a mother is obligated to think her kids cute, and always appreciates when others confirm her suspicions. 🙂

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