My Duck Article is Live on Grit Website!

The March issue of Grit, a national rural living magazine with a 100+ year history, will contain an article I wrote about ducks as a productive addition to the backyard farm. The article is live today on their site:

If you’re here because of that article: WELCOME! I will be posting new suburban farming content this weekend–pull up a chair, have a cup of hot tea, and click on the “suburban homestead” link to the right to see what I’ve been up to this year on the backyard farm.


4 responses to “My Duck Article is Live on Grit Website!

  1. thanks for the article on duck on Grits site. I raised chickens for almost two years and gave them away a few months ago due to egg allergies. I wasn’t sure if the chickens themselves were effecting my allergies so off they went. I’m itching to buy some more chickens but I have heard some people with chicken egg allergies can eat duck eggs.. Have you heard this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Nikki! Thanks for posting. 🙂

      Not only have I heard that, but it is in fact SOMETIMES true. The converse can also be true–those who can eat chicken eggs without trouble can occasionally be allergic to duck eggs (this happened to my neighbors who thought there must be something wrong with the duck eggs I gave them, but it turns out they’re just allergic to duck eggs). If you are severely allergic, I would not recommend trying duck eggs, as it’s not worth the risk. However, if your allergy is mild, it would definitely be worth finding some duck eggs locally to try, and there is a good chance you will be able to eat them with no trouble. Ducks are definitely fun, though messier than chickens. Thanks again for your comment, and feedback on the article, and good luck with whatever you decide. Come back and update me when you get your new birds. 🙂

  2. I have read you article in Grit Magazine… I currently have 8 duck, each one being different. The first three we got was a “rescue” the other 5 were a suprise from our daughter who was house sitting for us for a weekend. Come Monday morning and there were a total of 8. I am not sure about anyone else but I love sitting outside on hot days just watching the ducks do thier thing, never thought they would be so fun to watch.

    • Hi Lee! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am exactly the same way–I love to sit and just watch them. I can see our backyard from my kitchen sink, and it is so relaxing to wash dishes in warm soapy water while looking out at my ducks dabbling around and playing in the sun. And I also understand how ducks multiply fast–have you seen my post on “Duck Math”? 😀 Thanks for sharing your duck story. The world would be a better place if more people had the opportunity to enjoy ducks more often.

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