Barnyard in Winter

Curious Fact: Ducks rarely need winter shelter except in the harshest of climates. After all, they wear a waterproof down coat every day. In parts of the world where even lakes and ponds freeze through, wild ducks can sometimes spend all winter on the water, paddling non-stop to keep the water from freezing. This activity keeps them warm, hydrated, and fed–on fish and water insects. If they nod off for too long at night, failing to keep a sufficient area defrosted, predators may sneak a quick winter meal by walking across the ice to nab their sleeping prey. Lucky they don’t need more than a few minutes of sleep at a time!

Like most, my ducks seem to relish winter cold. Being born & bred Southerners, however, they don’t seem to know what to do about snow. Today’s unusual weather kept them up by the house, wearing a muddy path through the snow between their snow-free pen and the pool of water I cleaned & refilled for them this morning.

Goats, likewise, don’t seem to mind. They grow a thick, fuzzy coat in winter to insulate themselves. Not being waterproof, they don’t like to be rained on. But they don’t seem to mind a light dusting of snow.

Quincy and Ducks Take Weather in Stride


5 responses to “Barnyard in Winter

    • Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind comments! Those are magpies, but I understand you have the best anconas in the nation–former Holderread stock, yes? The magpies are Holderread as well & I debated long and hard whether to go with the magpies or anconas. If I do decide to expand, it will probably be anconas & I will definitely be in touch. πŸ™‚

  1. Yes we have a couple nice ducks around here…;) they are amazing and getting all the equipment has tapped our savings although a grant has helped with AWA for the Jamesway incubator. We have around 90 females now with Daves, quite a flock going finally! Just to see just starting them mate and have to separate breeding groups with Daves personal notes this week…

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