High Tech Brings Back Old Fashioned Family Fun

Remember the good old days, when families sat around the hearth and played games, sang songs, or did silly things to make each other laugh? We all know that television and video games ruined all that, right?

Well, if you ask me, video games are bringing it back again. Thank you, Xbox Kinect. Even 80+ year-old Gran (aka Margaret Weaver, Carey’s grandmother) got in on the act over the Thanksgiving holiday:

Old Fashioned Family Fun... Kinect Style

If you’ve managed to miss the multi-million-dollar advertising campaign, Xbox Kinect is the video game console where “your body is the controller.” Carey posted a review with more pictures here: Kinectd 4th Day Review

In short, the Kinect provides hours of side-splitting party fun where everyone is involved, plus enough physical exercise to leave the room a little steamy even in November. Dancing, bowling, rafting, ping pong–even boxing. We were laughing, singing, and doing lots of silly things to keep each other in stitches. True, the “hearth” now consists of a box of moving pictures. But as long as everyone’s bonding and having fun together, I don’t see a problem with that.

The best part? Getting down with Gran.

Getting down with Gran

No, wait. The BEST part is how attached (ahem–“kinected”) the kids feel to Gran now:

Kids and Gran


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