Kids and Pirates

Don your doublet, hoist the jolly roger, and fire the cannons—the Schiele Museum about 20 minutes from us lets children set sail through the seas of imagination in an 18th-century world of pirates. We recently took advantage of some time with Granna and Grandaddy to check it out.

Monty at the Helm

Monty climbed aboard the forecastle, turned the capstan, and then tried his hand at the helm. Next we headed down below to see how real pirates lived.

Eli was astonished to learn that pirates enjoyed games. He loved tumbling the display’s dice cage and spinning the number-turner. He also enjoyed creating his own jolly roger:

Eli's jolly roger

Being a pirate for a day is fun, but the exhibit won’t let you forget the danger! A suspended severed head, and a dangling corpse in a cage, remind visitors of the fates that met many a pirate (in the eloquent words of Everett: “Ew! Yucky!”). You can even take a turn in the stocks:

Eli in the Stocks

Eli in the Stocks

Besides the pirate exhibit, the museum has a planetarium, hands-on animal exhibits, prehistory dioramas, a full-size cast of a T-rex skeleton, geology exhibits, and more than we could manage in an afternoon. So we bought the membership, which also gives us access to Discovery Place here in Charlotte and lots of cool museums all over the country. Love homeschooling.


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