5+ reasons to love the rain


Happy Ducks

Little tails wagging as they dart from puddle to puddle, preening, waggling, dabbling.


Happy Garden.

Tomorrow, lettuce for breakfast! Yummy.

3. Soothing patter on a tin roof. Okay, so almost nobody has a tin roof any more. Go sit in the car and listen.

4. Change of perspective: the sky looks like a sheet, colors are muted, the world sounds dreamy. Pay attention. Listen. Watch. The sun shines differently on the leaves. The air feels soft on hands. You’ve been magically transported to another land, but you have to pay attention.

5. Walking in the rain is lovely.

Why do you love the rain?


7 responses to “5+ reasons to love the rain

  1. Yes, anyone who has never heard the rain under a metal roof has missed out on a lot. Then again, would a sensitive person who wanted more earthy experiences actually bother to go out in the rain to go to their car?

    • Maybe you’re right. On the other hand, my general philosophy is this: Embrace life, embrace experience–even when it involves a fossil-powered metal behemoth.
      But if you’ve got access to an old shed with a metal roof, especially one stocked generously with aromatic bales of hay and, ideally, a trio of flamboyant roosters, then I say head there instead. That’s certainly my preference. 🙂

  2. I am, most definitely, a rain forest creature! This is one reason why I was miserable living in SW AZ. Every time it rains, my heart pitter-patters with joy. I actually cried tears of joy the first few times it rained after we moved to NC.

    Why do I love the rain? I love the way it smells, and the way the earth and plants smell after it rains. Even in the city, even NYC, everything smells better after a rain.

    When I lived in PR, I loved the rain because afterwards, the coquís would sing, and that is the most soothing sound to my soul.

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