It’s a good thing they’re cute

I know why human young, like babies of most species that care for their offspring, boast big eyes, pudgy cheeks, and general altogether cuteness.


Cute? Or, Did you just delete that!??



Cute? Or, please oh please don't touch my camera!?



Cute? Or, OMG......?!!?


Everett up on the counter chewing ALL the gum and throwing the wrappers on the floor… cute? Monty at age 2 stealing cookies off the counter so there are six left for the Christmas party… cute? Eli falling asleep in a box of fabric scraps in a darkened closet so that we think he’s lost and nearly call the police… cute?

My thinking? It’ll all be VERY cute… in about five years. In the meantime–what is your toddler doing that will be cute… someday?

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