Kiddies and kitty and piggy

One last update, then we can move on:

We’re running businesses from home… one might think that means we can’t possibly homeschool too… which might be true if you have a traditional expectation of what constitutes “schooling.” But for us… it’s working out okay, since we believe kids will learn most of what they need to know on their own if provided a rich environment, plenty of resources, and lots of time to interact and explore.

Here’s what the kids are studying, in no particular order, nearly all under their own steam with assistance:

Reading (not optional), division (not optional), Ancient Greek (yes, by choice), Spanish, American history, natural history, biology, nature, physics, engineering, gardening, livestock, computer programming, business, budgeting (not optional), kung fu, Chinese language, household management, tactical leadership, geography … I’m sure I’m leaving something out. But that’s the basics.

Monty has shown extraordinary responsibility over the past few months, well above his years. As a result, we let him purchase a guinea pig (with his own money that he saved up) named Cuddles (maturity beyond your years does not always translate to advanced naming preferences). He is a delight to his parent’s hearts.


Monty's silly face


Eli still loves gardening and animal husbandry. He is growing broccoli (which he purchased as starts at a feed store with his own allowance money), cilantro, parsley, dill, and lettuce. He also maintains a small breeding group of quail that he cares for daily and collects the eggs from. They are the best-cared-for quail on the property. Possibly in the Southeastern U.S. He has also become ovo-lacto-vegetarian for compassionate reasons after a brief stint as a vegan. He lacks not empathy.


Eli Undercover


Everett still loves mayhem, but his interests are now broadening into stand-up comedy (Heard over the family blessing: “Thank you friends, thank you food, you get your hands off me now, me eat!”), shameless brown-nosing (“Mommy, you ‘mazing), and pursuing the family cat.


Everett qua Everett


In one of his less filthy moments:


Playing in the mud


Speaking of the family cat, we picked her up at a yard sale a couple months ago as a “kitten.” And no, we didn’t purchase her from some irresponsible kitten breeder–that would be stupid. She was a ragged, flea-bitten, skinny little runt who was busy lovingly greeting everyone who came up to the driveway. Just some stray who had shown up in the folks’s yard. I took her home, put two pounds of weight on her with a quality diet that quickly sleeked out her fur, took her to the vet, and found out that despite her diminutive size, she is 13 years old, missing most of her teeth, and has had numerous litters of kittens in her rag-tag life.

But life hasn’t gotten her down. She waits by the door for us to come home when we go out, jumps in laps as soon as they become available, loves kids & adults alike, is quiet and polite and well-mannered, and generally the best cat I’ve ever known. And I like cats and have had some good ones over the years. She’s just great. Even Carey doesn’t hate her.

And that’s about it. We’ve had a dog, but had to re-home her due to aggression toward children and visitors. Also had ferrets, which we re-homed because they really didn’t fit in here–too smelly and easy to lose.

Never a dull moment.

And now that we’re all caught up, I’ll post new stuff soon. Thanks for tuning in.

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