Back from break

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Been a little busy, what with our various business endeavors, both working from home full time, homeschooling, maintaining the mini-farm, and studying kung fu. Plenty has happened. Here are a few highlights:

For three years, Carey predicted that the company he was working for would fail if they didn’t make serious changes. They ignored him and politely failed exactly according to his predictions, even down to the month he suggested. So in February he came home and we began scrambling to figure out how to make a living without a paycheck.

We launched Groove On Marketing, bringing together Carey’s business acumen with my marketing experience, and have been having reasonable success in paying our bills by providing turnkey marketing solutions to local businesses.

Then we launched Basement Tycoon, an online resource for the self-employed like ourselves, and it’s costing us a few bucks a month to run, but we like it so we’re keeping it anyway.

Meanwhile, we had to postpone plans to purchase a milk goat. But we still have Quincy and Avery, and they are like family puppy dogs. Sweet, lovable, and pretty good at keeping down the weeds too. They enjoy a good romp with the buddha baby:

Three Kids on a Trampoline

And when we do finally start producing our own milk, our new-last-Spring feed shed will double as a milk parlor and social statement:

Feed and milking shed from 100% salvaged materials

If you don’t count the emergency room visit, that shed cost us about $160. Twice that if you want to throw in the medical bills. We purchased the wooden vault from a warehouse that was going out of business, and moved it onto our property in one hilarious afternoon involving a pickup truck, a dozen medium tree trunks, and one helluva muddy rut in the backyard. We threw a camper shell left here by the previous homeowner on the top and decided the redneck look just wasn’t us. So we purchased some cammo-colored paints from the “returns” section at an unnamed national home improvement store that starts with “L” and ends with “owe’s”, and added a hippy theme. Now it’s us.

Believe it or not, the pickup truck, tree trunks, and muddy rut had nothing to do with the emergency room visit. It was all in the paint and the ahem anonymous DYI store where Everett found an ancient brittle bottle of fiber glass hardener under a shelf and promptly burst it into his eyes. Not that it mattered in the long run, but the reason I’m not promoting the said store here is that the employees were completely oblivious to the ravening mother screaming about water & flushing stations & chemicals in her screaming baby’s eyes, and told her that she could probably find something at the back of the store like maybe a (freezing cold) water fountain. Also oblivious to the determined woman holding a baby’s screaming face under a flowing stream of icy cold water in the back hallway.

Fortunately, the doctors and nurses in the emergency room were somewhat more responsive to our concerns, though they did charge an ungodly amount to our insurance company plus the aforesaid $150 copay for the service.

So. That’s the goats.

Ducks coming up in the next post…


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