Weekly duck-and-egg shot (and cute kids)

I know Hermione has grown this week. She seems HUGE to me. So I can’t figure out why in her “duck and egg” shot she doesn’t look even half an inch longer. In fact, she looks smaller to me. Why is this? Oh well. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but she (and Ron too) is growing juvenile feathers. They are just little “pin” feathers now, but when they are grown in they’ll spread out into full feathers. For comparison, let’s review. Week One:


Week Two:

week two

And today (Week Three):


Here you can see the upright stance that is typical of an Indian Runner:


Dog and ducks:


And now, the promised kid pics. Monty and Eli are too busy playing Viva Pinata on the Xbox for pictures. So you’ll have to settle for a few of Everett. Oh, and there’s a silly one of me at the bottom. Here they are:


Helping Doo fix his car. He needs the help, too:


Running the Suburban Homestead “Tractor”:


Showing Mommy how to open the door:


And, finally, me. I know, it’s a goofy picture. But I’m usually holding the camera, so it’s at least something:



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