Ducklings at two weeks

For review, Hermione’s One Week picture:


And now, her Two Week picture taken today. This is the exact same egg (which was later boiled & eaten–so next week’s picture will be a new egg). I did, however, hire a new hand model this week.

week two

Can you believe she fit in an egg that size just two weeks ago? One of the ducklings–I believe it’s Ron–is making a weird honking/wheezing sound that I hope is the first sign of a quack. Only girls quack. Boys whisper. I would like both my ducklings to be girls, so I’m okay with having to rename “him.” I guess she would be Ronetta.

I’ve got 9 eggs awaiting incubation. I’ll collect whatever my girls deposit tomorrow and set them. I should be setting between 9 and 11 eggs, which will hatch around the beginning of September. My plan is to keep the females and *possibly* one male (depending on how many females I end up with–each male needs at least three females to maintain peace in the flock). I have additional ducks coming in the mail this Spring to augment my flock and begin my selective breeding program. Most eggs & ducklings will be eaten (eggs) and/or sold (eggs & ducklings), but I’m going to keep some and work on developing a “painted” Runner duck–one with somewhat random colored markings on a white background.

I didn’t think to get pictures, but we finally built the “waterfall” Eli’s been set on for several weeks. And by “built,” I mean we put white plastic down on the slope and turned the hose on at the top. Eli’s satisfied. I’m thinking of adding a kiddie pool at the bottom and a pump with a hose back to the top, so the kids can play on it without wasting so much water.

I have absolutely no new pictures of the kids, so my apologies, Mom. I’ll try to do better tomorrow. 🙂

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