Harry died

No longer “The Duck Who Lived” alas. We really are very sad about it. He died yesterday morning of unknown causes. I woke in the morning to find him lethargic. Removed him from the enclosure, kept him warm in a blanket with water nearby, tried to feed him boiled egg yolk (as is recommended for sick ducklings). Here he is looking pitiful on his last day:


I checked on him every little while, and one time his bill was partially submerged. When I went to move it, he was already dead. Poor little guy. He was Eli’s favorite and (I admit) mine too. But Eli is convinced that he will come back to us in the next batch of eggs (duck reincarnation–is it possible–lol), so he is only sad that it will take a while before the next batch hatches.

While Harry was resting in the basket, I cleaned and disinfected the main brooding area and all the feeders and waterers, etc. just in case he had something contagious. The other ducklings seem fine.

And a picture of him how we want to remember him:


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