Ducklings at one week

Hermione turned One Week yesterday, Ron today, and Harry will be One Week tomorrow. Here they are:


I wish I’d taken pictures next to a ruler or something right after they hatched, because it is amazing how much bigger they are. I held one up to an egg today (oh, that would be a good picture, wouldn’t it?) to see if it would still fit inside. What a joke!

So, anyway, some more pictures of the growing little cutie-pies. Hermione, enjoying an afternoon at the pool (a plastic paint tray filled with water):


Supervising the post-swim preening session (this one really needs a clever caption–ideas anyone?):


Ron (you can see his little curly top in this picture–he has a cute little swirly area at the back of his head):


Swimming really wears you out:


Ron joins Harry for the post-swim nap:


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