Three little ducks and a guitar player

First things first, here is our little rocker-in-the-making with his guitar teacher, Mark. Eli sounds quite good on the instrument, but I  think he’s getting tired of the hard work of learning. Should I let him take a break from it (please vote below–please)?


In other cuteness, here are the three ducklings posing together around the water dish:


Hermione’s at top, then Ron, and finally little Harry, all fluffed up and catching crickets for dinner. We’ve been buying crickets at Petsmart (they’re very cheap), and watching the ducklings chase them around. They’re quite good at catching them, and they do love them. Eli likes to take the crickets out of the container and hand-feed them to the ducks. Harry learned right away that a hand from above quite often contains a yummy treat, and he comes straight over. These are going to be very tame ducks.

Speaking of tame, Hermione, who spent the first day of her life with only human companions, is:


This is her (and Monty’s) favorite occupation. Everett gets in on the action too:




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