Harry, the Duck Who Lived

DSC_5595Harry has arrived! I had to help him out a bit–he was pipped at the wrong end of the egg, and was not positioned correctly, sort of like a breech birth. I’ve been working on it all day–chipping away a little shell in the pattern he  would have done himself if he could have (but he couldn’t turn to do it), then putting him back for a few hours. Then taking him out and chipping a bit more. Putting him back. Etc. He was very cooperative–cheerful and friendly, sipping water off my finger and cheeping at me. I could see his bill the whole time, and part of a wing. In the end, I began to think I would also have to push the cap off for him, but he struggled hard and got himself out of the shell himself.

He is a gorgeous silver color, which means he’s a blue (as if the color genetics weren’t confusing enough, they have to go and call silver “blue”), which is awesome–one white, one blue, one black.

And, miracle of miracles, the other egg is still chipping! It has not pipped externally, so I do not have high hopes. But it is alive and trying, so I will continue to let it try. I had planned to candle it tonight and probably discard it, but when I held it up to my ear, I heard it working away in there. Unfortunately, this means I have to let the house go on smelling like a bog for a while. The incubator got AWFULLY messy in all this, and after two days all the egg bits & newborn poo are really stinky. But I can’t take the other egg out long enough to clean it, as it could jeopardize it’s already slim chance of hatching.

So, three and maybe a fourth on the way. The kids want the fourth to be Dumbledore if it’s light colored and Sirius if it’s dark. We shall see. I refuse to see any symbolism in the fact that they’ve chosen the names of characters who die in the book.

Oh, Harry is stronger than the other two were at birth. I guess all that struggling in the egg was good for him. Or something. You can see he’s already holding his head up. It’s also possible that he feels stronger because he got to go in the brooder with two other ducklings right away. They really do love each other. You can’t tell, but Hermione was picking at the yolk still attached, and they all have been grooming each other and helping Harry get dried out.


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