Doing it all wrong

Curious Fact: Most cities and municipalities have beekeeping associations. Folks interested in beekeeping would do well to join.

Adventure Update: The Mecklenburg Beekeepers Association (at organizes an annual beekeeper’s class, which is where Monty and I have learned most of what we know about beekeeping. More importantly, the association has introduced us to dozens of very helpful, experienced beekeepers.

Right now I think I deserve the award for Most Bumbling Beekeeper. I have killed several bees in a variety of clumsy mishaps, and then it turns out I’ve got the bee yard set up all wrong to boot. Thank goodness I’ve got the support of other beekeepers to set me on the right path. Gerry Mack, a local beekeeper and member of the Meck Beekeepers (also, it happens, the provider of my second nuc of bees coming in April), took a look at some of my photos and let me know that my hives are way too close to the ground and also not on a very stable base. And, of course, showed me what it should look like when it’s right.

So my dear delightful husband will be spending part of yet another weekend building for the bees. I’ll post pics when we’ve got it all set up right at last.

Also, some neighbors dropped by today and were fascinated by the hives. Probably the best part of my day was sitting cross-legged near the hive with a group of pre-teen folks just watching the bees go in and out and counting the different colors of pollen they were bringing back. We were able to identify drones coming in and out from time to time as well.


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