Bee flight!


Curious Fact: Bees can take short flights in temperatures as low as 40 degrees F, maybe even lower (I know this because that’s how cold it was when we first noticed bees flying in and out this morning). When bees arrive in a new location, they will spend the first few days taking short orientation flights to learn the landmarks and ensure they can always find their way back to the hive.

Adventure Update: Our bees are doing great! We enjoyed watching them go in and out this morning, and telling them we love them, until we got too cold to stand around. Above is one of our dear girls (or is that a drone? S/he does have awfully big eyes…) climbing on the hive front, preparing for an orientation flight. Later, our entrance feeder leaked–don’t know why. There’s syrup all over the front porch step of the hive. Not happy it happened, but it allowed me to get an amazing shot. Look at all those tongues lapping up that syrupy goodness!



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