Vaccinations. Ah, where to begin.

I am seeing red tonight over a series on a popular “news” site covering the incidence of parents claiming a religious exemption to vaccinations for their children.

I’m seeing red because this so-called “journalism” is so flamingly biased, and I’m just so sick of the overwhelming propaganda from the big money: From the pharmaceuticals, from the government that funds them and then makes their products mandatory for the entire population while at the same time exempting them from the basic rules of safety testing that govern all other products released to the public, and from the medical community that has either been duped or bought into the vaccination sales pitch.

A single blog entry cannot even come close to covering all of the overwhelming reasons why mandatory, population-wide, indiscriminate vaccination is a bad idea and bad for my kids and yours, and in how many ways we are screwing our children and their descendants over with our presumptuous tinkering with their body’s most basic defenses. But maybe I’ll cover part of it now and part of it later and maybe eventually I’ll get most of it covered (you know, all the bits the popular media doesn’t bother with because their only goal is to discredit the courageous few who actually stand up and say “This is wrong!”).

For now let’s start at the beginning. Everyone knows that Edward Jenner invented the smallpox vaccine that eventually utterly wiped out the dread disease, right? And that his discovery led to the entire science of vaccination that has prevented so many more diseases over the ensuing centuries.

Here are some things you didn’t know about Dr. Jenner:

* His theory regarding smallpox vaccination was based on an un-founded belief (popular at the time) that milk maids who had contracted the harmless “cow pox” disease were thereafter immune from smallpox. Turns out that actual country doctors who treated milk maids disputed this claim right from the beginning, stating that they treated as many cases of smallpox among those who had contracted cow pox as they did among those who had not. Ever wondered why the vaccine didn’t just contain cow pox virus, instead of a form of the deadlier smallpox? Hmmm…

* He tested his vaccines on roughly six people, one of whom died as a result and the others of whom were never exposed to an actual, viable smallpox virus. Four years later, he declared the vaccine a success and marketed it to the medical community.

* Sanitation measures that were implemented in England during the 1800’s resulted in a 90 per cent decline in infectious diseases including the Plague, Black Death, and cholera (ever wondered why these diseases disappeared even though we’ve never had a vaccine for them? Another topic for another day…). During the same period, mass smallpox vaccination was introduced. Smallpox epidemics took a sudden upturn and did not decline significantly until the vaccine was no longer mandatory (the vaccination requirement was lifted only after massive public outcry due to the shot’s obvious and often fatal dangers). Then, suddenly, the disease “responded” to the greatly decreased number of vaccinations and disappeared just as the Plague, Black Death, and cholera already had. Just like those other dread diseases… except that a small sample was kept in a lab somewhere to threaten us later.

If you want more in depth information on smallpox, here’s an interesting (though dry) link:

Okay, you say, so that’s smallpox. What does that have to do with vaccines today? Aren’t they safer? More effective? Hasn’t everyone told you (the media, your doctor, the CDC, WHO, the pharmaceutical companies, the government) that they are absolutely imperative to not only your child’s safety, but the safety of everyone who comes in contact with her?

Well, what have those same folks been telling you about smallpox all along? Do you still trust them? I guess that’s another topic for another day then, because I’m only just getting started. Look for future installments on topics such as:

*How our immune systems actually work and how injecting them with weakened pathogens actually damages their ability to respond to environmental and pathological threats.

* What ingredients vaccinations actually contain and why you might not want them injected into your infant.

* Just how frighteningly little safety testing is done before any new vaccination is released onto the population and then, shortly thereafter, made mandatory.

* How propaganda can turn a basic childhood rite of passage into a scary, life-threatening illness (chicken pox: annoying; varicella: terrifying enough to make a rubber duckie cry) and how actual statistics don’t bear out the industry’s scare-tactic claims.

* How the media and the big money behind vaccination campaigns vilifies, blacklists, and crucifies anyone who dares speak out against this travesty.

* The otherwise respectable, upstanding, and high-profile members of the medical community, world leadership, and other important persons who have spoken out against routine, mandatory vaccination. Their names may surprise you.

* How epidemics form and develop, and why many historically deadly diseases completely disappeared without the “assistance” of vaccines. And why the implementation of population-wide vaccinations actually makes us more vulnerable to new epidemics.

* Oh, and so much more.

If I ever get to it. But, you know, I’m pretty tired now. Maybe I’ll get to it. Maybe I won’t. But one thing I guarantee: I will not be taking my kids in for their “routine” shots. Not now, not ever. And it’s not because I’m too tired to bother.


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