Good bacteria, good!

I’m not always right. It’s true. Sometimes I’m wrong. But here’s something I’ve been right about for about a decade, and the mainstream media is FINALLY starting to see the light:

Household antibacterial products are BAD. Bad. They are bad for you.

Here is what I’ve been saying all along:

When you wipe out 99.9% of bacteria with a single swipe of soap/surface cleaner/whatever, what happens to the 0.1% that survives? It reproduces. And some of its children inherit the immunity to that holocaust product you just used. So what happens when you commit the next bacterial genocide? Well, you still kill a lot of those bacteria. But maybe not as many–because now you’re dealing with the descendants of a resistant population. Over time, guess what? You’ve got yourself a household-wide strain of seriously resistant bacteria that may not respond well even to heavy-duty antibiotics.

So, this is what the media and mainstream science is finally realizing. And they’ve turned up something else I hadn’t thought of:

The very chemicals that make a product antibacterial happen also to be toxic to humans. Hmm.

And then there’s one more thing that they haven’t yet made general knowledge (or maybe just haven’t realized):

Most of the bacteria in our environment are harmless. More importantly, a large portion of the harmless bacteria are helpful. Some are actually NECESSARY for our survival. Can those antibacterial products actually tell the difference? Hmm.

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